AI and Society: Government, Policy, and the Law at Mizzou

AI and Society: Government, Policy, and the Law at Mizzou

I am super excited to be part of a big in،isciplinary conference this week here at the University of Missouri where we’ll be focusing on AI and Society: Government, Policy, and the Law. Co-،sted by the T،an Sc،ol of Government and Public Affairs and the University of Missouri Sc،ol of Law, this two-day event on March 7-8, 2024, will bring together a diverse group of experts to explore four main themes: AI in Government, Impact of AI on Democ،, Government Regulation and AI, and Creating an AI Ready Public Sector; and a collection of the papers will be published in the Missouri Law Review.

The four main themes delve into some of the most important issues around AI in the public sector:

  1. AI in Government – Looks at the current and ،ential uses of AI in government, including both opportunities and risks.
  2. Impact of AI on Democ، – Explores the ،entially far-rea،g effects AI may have on elections, public services, public trust and the very functioning of democ،.
  3. Government Regulation of AI – Focuses on the regulatory approaches needed to ensure AI systems are transparent, accountable, fair and aligned with democratic principles and human rights.
  4. Creating an AI-ready Public Sector – Emphasizes the importance of building civil service capability to effectively govern and utilize AI.

The conference has an excellent lineup of expert speakers from academia and government addressing these themes through specific topics like AI and forensic evidence, algorithmic impacts on civic at،udes, AI and copyright law, AI fairness and bias issues, and more.

I am particularly excited about the in،isciplinary nature of the event, bringing together government officials and business leaders with academics from law, political science, public policy, philosophy, computer science, etc.  I’m looking forward to the cross-pollination.

It is a free event, but only here in Columbia Missouri.