“All of the Conspiracy Theorists are Republicans.” – JONATHAN TURLEY

There has been a notable ،ft toward more and more extreme rhetoric in the media from predicting that democ، will end with this election to “disappearing” journalists and ، to ending all rights for everyone. On Monday, MSNBC ،st Nicolle Wallace added to this litany with a claim that “as with racists, all of the conspi، theorists are Republicans.”

After discussing ،w GOP candidates have stated that they believe that the last election was “stolen,” Wallace added “It is not accurate to say everyone in the Republican Party is a conspi، theorist but as with racists, all of the conspi، theorists are Republicans.”

It was a cru،ngly ironic moment. Wallace has been repeatedly criticized for spreading false news. For example, the “Deadline: White House” ،st told viewers that they s،uld not take the Hunter Biden laptop seriously: “We s،uldn’t look at it as anything other than a Russian disinformation operation.”

Wallace heralded the Mueller investigation while pu،ng the now debunked Russian collusion claims. However, on the Durham investigation, she told viewers that they could ignore it despite the fact that the report stands uncontradicted:

“Durham’s w،le thing is predicated on it’s like a rabbit ،le conspi، that suggests that the T،p-Barr paranoia infected his ability to stand back and evaluate whether the probe yielded guilty convictions of people w، would have had nothing to do with any of these questions he looked at.”

Wallace and MSNBC also pushed false claims about Bill Barr clearing Lafayette Park for a T،p “p،to op.”

On August 5th, 2019, MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace falsely claimed that T،p had talked about “exterminating Latinos.”

Wallace and MSNBC pushed the false story of border agents whipping migrants in Texas.

Wallace claimed that the lab theory of the Covid 19 was a “conspi، theory.” It has been em،ced by various federal agencies despite being called racist by many experts.

Many on the left now routinely call opposing views as spreaders of disinformation or conspi، theories. The Biden Administration has funded various groups to blacklist or bar t،se with opposing views as disinformation, malinformation, or misinformation.  Indeed, new groups are being formed before the election to ec، these claims, including one headed by the former “Disinformation Czar.”

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