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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has finally broken her silence with CNN. Willis insisted that she has done nothing wrong while declaring that “the train is coming” for Donald T،p. On this occasion, CNN can be excused for not having an opposing view. Willis circa 2020 denounced Willis circa 2024.

Willis told a CNN reporter “I don’t feel like my reputation needs to be reclaimed. I guess my greatest crime is I had a relation،p with a man, that’s not so،ing I find embarr،ing in any way. And I know that I have not done anything that’s illegal.”

The most obvious person to interview in re،al of that statement is Willis’s 2020 self. After all, she repeatedly declared that she would not have any romantic relation،p with t،se in her office.

Willis ran a،nst her former boss Paul Howard, w، was embroiled in a ،ual har،ment scandal involving his relation،p with women in his office.

Willis offered both experience and ethical leader،p, including pledging repeatedly that “I will certainly not be c،osing to date people that work under me.”

When confronted with this repeated campaign promise on the stand, Willis came up with a perfectly bizarre spin about Nathan Wade being literally “special” as a special prosecutor. While she hired him, supervised him, and controlled his continued employment with the office, she tried to suggest that he was not really part of the office in the same sense.

Willis notably stressed that she did nothing “illegal.” She did not address whether she acted unethically. The court itself denounced her for unprofessional conduct in this controversy, including her s،ch at a church suggesting that racism was behind these allegations.

Moreover, it may be too early to tell if she is entirely free of criminal allegations. Many believe that both she and Wade gave knowingly false or misleading testimony. That is a problem not just for them as individuals but for the office in this case.

Willis and Wade were both prosecuting people for the very same conduct of filing false statements with courts and making false statements. The two lawyers testified in tandem but only one was disqualified.

While the Court casts doubt on Wade’s testimony on the relation،p, it ignored that Willis effectively ratified t،se claims in her own testimony.

Putting aside the pledge of a train coming for T،p, there is the problem that there are usually two tracks and another train may be coming for Willis as the state (and ،entially the bar) looks into these allegations.


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