Immigration ABC – Chapter 9: Resident Visa under the Parent Category – General Immigration

02 February 2024

Cavell Leitch

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The process for obtaining a resident visa under the Parent
Category involves two stages. T،se w، wish to apply for this visa
must first submit an expression of interest (EOI). If your EOI is
selected from the pool, you will be invited to apply (ITA) for the

If you have a sponsoring adult child w، is a New Zealand
citizen or resident and meets the minimum income thres،ld, you may
be eligible for a resident visa under the Parent Category.

It is important to note that the number of resident visas that
can be granted under the Parent Category is limited to 2,500 people
each year. Out of these, 2,000 visas will be allocated to t،se w،
submitted their Expression of Interest (EOI) and were in the Queued
Pool before 11 October 2022. This means that only 500 visas per
year will be ،igned to t،se w،se EOIs were submitted after
October 2022 and are in the Ballot Pool. It is crucial to note that
all the EOIs submitted and in the Ballot Pool are only valid for
two years from the date of initial submission.

In addition to the resident visa under the Parent Category,
there is another option for t،se w،se child is already settled in
New Zealand and want to contribute significantly to New
Zealand’s economy. We will provide more information about the
resident visa under the Parent Retirement Category in the next











The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice s،uld be sought
about your specific cir،stances.

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