Internship Experience at Office of Sir Pradeep Rai

Name of the Student


College and Year of Study

Ins،ute of Law, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; 3rd Year

Name and Address of the Organization

Office of Sir Pradeep Rai

Duration of Intern،p

1 month

How did you Apply?

I applied for the above-mentioned Intern،p by sending my V and Cover Letter to the email ID for the intern،p.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

On the 1st day, there was an online orientation session in which we were given an introduction to the intern،p, there is also an option available to do the intern،p in offline mode, the infrastructure for the online mode is well managed, and the offline mode is quite developed, the first impression was great.

Main Tasks

There were daily tasks namely

  • Case briefs- we were given landmark judgements of leading cases, it also helped us in getting knowledge
  • Case transcripts- we had to make transcripts from he live proceedings of the cases of supreme court
  • Finding Case Judgements- Helped in fining cases for the arguments of the cases of sir
  • Making Compilation of given tasks
  • Making summarised versions of law books and articles

Work Environment

The work environment was excellent. The office exuded professionalism, creating a conducive atmosphere for ،uctive work. The team was incredibly collaborative and supportive, and I received valuable mentor،p from Advocate Pradeep Rai and other senior members.

The office provided ample learning opportunities, including training sessions and works،ps that contributed to my personal and professional growth. The work-life balance was well-maintained, and the office infrastructure was comfortable and up-to-date.

Good things

One of the standout aspects of my intern،p at Advocate Pradeep Rai’s office was the exceptional mentor،p I received. The office provided an abundance of learning opportunities, from hands-on projects to informative works،ps, which significantly expanded my legal knowledge and s،s.

The team’s support and collaborative spirit made every task enjoyable, and I felt like an integral part of the team. The positive work culture, combined with a reasonable work-life balance, contributed to an overall satisfying experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to kicks، my legal career.

Bad Things

While my overall experience at Advocate Pradeep Rai’s office was positive, there were a few areas that could benefit from improvement. Occasionally, there were communication challenges that led to some confusion in task ،ignments. Additionally, there were moments when the workload felt quite demanding, and I believe a more balanced distribution of tasks could help.

It would also be beneficial to have more exposure to different areas of law. Constructive feedback sessions could further enhance the learning experience. Lastly, some office facilities could use upgrades. These suggestions are intended to contribute to an even more enri،g intern،p experience.


No stipend.

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