Internship Experience @ ISS Facility Services India Private Limited

Your Name


Year of Study

1st Year LLM

Name of the Organisation

ISS Facility Services India Private Limited

Ground Floor, East Wing, Leela Business Park, Opposite Airport Road Metro Station, Andheri Kurla Road, Mumbai 400059.

Duration of Intern،p

16.02.2023 – 14.02.2024

How did you Apply?

I had applied there with the help of Law Laboratory.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, and First Impression

So on first day, I was given a laptop, charger and list of agreements which I had to read and understand. On first two days, I was given proper clarity regarding types of agreements and many other works which an intern used to do on daily business.

My reporting manager was very kind and helpful and she gave me every single opportunity of growth and it motivated me a lot to work properly. Overall, every single employee of my team were approachable and everyone were ready to help me.

Main Tasks

Litigation, Secretarial And Commercial Contracts.

Work Environment

Work Environment was fantastic, especially my reporting manager Miss Kinjal Sondagar helped me a lot and solved my every single query wit،ut taunting me. She was always helpful ad approachable.

I got an opportunity to work in Litigation, Secretarial and Commercial Contracts departments and whenever i was having any query, Kinjal Ma’am was always there to help me. Along with her, Mr.Shiblee Khan and Devendra Jhadav sir were also there to help me whenever it was needed.

They never made me feel worthless and motivated me a lot as they all are very down to earth. I learnt many things from printing to Preparing Crucial Do،ents which are important for the ،ization.

Good Things about the Intern،p

When it comes to work, all were helpful.

My reporting manager, Ms. Kinjal Sondagar gave me many growth opportunities and supported me every single time I approached her.

I had only 5 to 6 selected friends from various departments, and all were amazing. 3) Co-Interns were also helpful.

Whenever I approached anyone for help from other departments, Everyone was ready to help me as they never had any ego issues. To name a few Hasmukh sir from the compliance department was there whenever I needed him. Irshad Sir, Pramod Sir and I guess the entire IT Team, Mr. Aditya D’costa from the HR Team, Mr. Parth Vaidya, and other employees helped me a lot whenever I needed help. And even the security guards and Peons were very friendly and helped me a lot. To sum up, everyone was friendly and helpful.

I made good bonds with selected employees, to name a few, Devendra Jadhav sir from the Legal Team and many other employees of the company.

Monthly Stipend

20,000/- per month (On completing LLB)

Details about the Accommodation, Commuting to the Office

I am from Mumbai so accommodation and commuting to the office was not an issue for me.

Anything Else You Want to Share?

I consider myself lucky to get an opportunity at ISS Facility Services India Private Limited as I learnt many new things in the fields of Litigation, Secretarial and Commercial Contracts.

Apart from this, my mom, dad and my sister Miss Mansi Vyas helped me a lot, Along with them, some of my best friends like Shweta, Aakash, Siddharth, Vrushank, Jayesh and many others helped me in this journey, so thanks to all of them.

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