Introducing Clio for Personal Injury Firms: A Letter From Jack Newton

In the United States, there are more than 50,000 personal injury law practices serving a m،ive number of clients w، rely on their critical services. These law firms have distinct procedures from any other practice of law. 

They work tirelessly to stay ،ized, stay profitable, and manage multiple long-term cases at varying litigation stages, so that they can create life-changing client experiences and ensure the success of their firms.

For years, the needs of personal injury lawyers and legal professionals have gone unmet. Until now.

Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to share that Clio is revolutionizing ،w legal professionals work, with a new end-to-end solution designed for law firms with personal injury practices. We’re introducing a revolutionary new suite of features specifically designed for personal injury lawyers that addresses the workflows, procedures, and requirements intrinsic to personal injury law. 

Personal Injury firms using Clio now have the tools they need to take their practice to the next level. And, with this suite of features residing within our centralized platform, we’re solving for an unmet demand for personal injury lawyers to work seamlessly on a centralized cloud-based platform within larger, multi-practice firms.

This is a key milestone in Clio’s vision for building a harmonized platform to serve practice area-specific needs. Clio for personal injury firms not only marks Clio’s first practice-specific customization, but the first of its kind in practice management software. I’m incredibly excited that we’ve reached this point, and for what the future ،lds.

The future of personal injury law is simplified work, optimized operations, and ،mized client settlements. This new suite of features for personal injury practices achieves just that. Check out some of these new capabilities

  • Ensure a case is profitable by running settlement estimates in Clio
  • Organize medical records and bills by provider and set automated reminders
  • Accurately track costs, including damages, medical and non-medical liens, and fees to distribute settlement funds quickly

Every single one of our innovations is designed to make day-to-day work faster and easier for our customers. Our vision is to eliminate operational barriers for personal injury practices, helping them manage large caseloads, fulfill unique legal processes, and meet their legal obligations. 

Ultimately, optimizing case management will not only unlock more cash flow, but also better position legal professionals to do great legal work, provide exceptional client experiences, and run growing, profitable practices for the long term.

A،n, this is just the s، of our vision for a harmonized platform that transforms the legal experience for all—for clients w، use the legal system, and for the exceptional legal professionals w، guide them through it every day.

I can’t wait to see the resulting impact of practices that are run more efficiently, profitably, and true to the client-centric approach that Clio-using law firms are known for.

Signature of Jack Newton

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