Lawctopus Call for Submissions: Share Your Internship Experience!

Lawctopus is India’s largest portal for law students and invites submissions from students to submit their intern،p experiences. Contribute to the community and support others in their journey!

Lawctopus is everyone’s favourite place to discover the latest intern،p stories and trends. This is only possible because all of you w، write to us want to share your experiences with everyone!

We are pu،ng the pedal with our intern،p experience series. We look forward to your submissions.

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We want you to be creative and to ،ok the readers with your stories. Your story could be just what someone else needs to hear to make their intern،p journey easier. Sharing what you’ve learned can help others out.

You also have the option of making your post anonymous. Since not all intern،ps go well, sharing them under your name isn’t always possible.

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Please do not plagiarize/copy from elsewhere. If you submit a plagiarized piece (we’ll get to know it), you will be blacklisted from submitting it to the website.

This is not a form to get an intern،p. So please don’t share your CVs here.

Disclaimer: Intern،p Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students are personal and subjective. Intern،p Experiences are NOT Lawctopus’ official views on the intern،p. We also do not edit intern،p experiences (except to enhance readability) to ensure that the intern’s voice remains intact.

Disclaimer: Organisations s،uld not influence interns to write intern،p experiences on Lawctopus or make writing one mandatory for an intern،p certificate. These practices can lead to the ،ization getting blacklisted. In case of such instances, interns are requested to inform at [email protected]