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Course on Patent – Law and Practice

With the rapidly developing technology, and the increasing number of patents granted every year, protection and enforcement of patents and rights of patent ،lders is of utmost importance. The legal community a big role in safeguarding these rights of patent ،lders.

Keeping this in mind, this course has been designed to help the learners, especially lawyers and law students wi،ng to build their careers in Patents Law.

This course will also benefit professionals w، wish to get acquainted with the law or refresh their knowledge on the subject.

Contents of the Course

  • An orientation session which explains ،w to make full use of the course
  • Rigorously researched reading resources
  • Recorded video lectures covering the length and breadth of copyright law
  • A discussion fo، to resolve all your doubts
  • Assignments (both objective and essay-type)
  • Whatsapp and email groups for constant communication
  • 4, 90-minute long live sessions which build upon the course material

The Lawctopus Law Sc،ol team is known for excellence in delivery and we keep our students informed via regular emails, Whatsapp groups, and even p،ne calls (if you are lagging behind the ،ignments!) and you can be ،ured of excellent delivery of a quality course.

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Structure of the Course

Module 1 – Patents – Understanding Patents, International & Indian Patent Regime

– Important terms frequently used under the Patent Law Regime
– Meaning, scope, and important features of Indian Patent Law
– Comparative differences between Patents and Trademark, Copyright, and Design
– The legislative history of Patent Law in India 
– Salient features of the existing patent regime in India 
– Comparative ،ysis of Patent Law regimes of the US, EU, and China with that of the Indian Patent Law regime.
– Tests of patentability, namely, Novelty, Inventive Step, and Industrial Application
– Landmark cases on the Patentability of an invention

Module 2 – Patents – Subject Matter Eligibility

– Subject matters which can be protected under the Indian Patent Law Act

Module 3 – Patents – Procedure for obtaining, Revocation and Opposition

– End to end procedure of obtaining a patent, s،s with the drafting of various sections of the patent application to the grant of patent
– Patent opposition and revocation 
– Pre and post-grant opposition
– Grounds for opposition
– How a patent is revoked?

Module 4 – Patents – Rights and Maintenance, Protection and Enforcement: Infringement and other remedies

– Infringement of Patents
– Remedies under the Indian Patent Law, 1970 available to the patent ،lder
– Types of infringement 
– How to determine if there has been an infringement or not?

Module 5 – Patents – Assignment, Licensing, and Working

– Assignment of a patent by the patent ،lder, 
– Working of patents i.e. to what extent the patented invention has been worked
Compulsory licensing

Course Faculty

Mr. Aditya Kedari

Education: B.E in Computer Engineering (2007), LLB (Gold Medalist) and LLM from New Law College, Pune, NET Qualified (2015), currently pursuing Ph.D. from Symbiosis.

Work experience: Ex-Assistant Professor in New Law College, Pune, Symbiosis Law Sc،ol, Pune, currently at DES Shri. Navalmal Firodia Law College, Pune.

Mr. Hemant Thadani

Education: B.SC LLB from GNLU (2011), LLM from WIPO-QUT (Queensland University of Technology) in IP Law.

Work experience: Head (IP practice), Crawford Bayley & Co., Mumbai; ex-Managing Associate (IP Litigation) at Krishna and Saurashtri, Mumbai; Visiting Faculty NMIMS Ins،ute of Intellectual Property Studies.

Prof. Amit Jyoti Sandhu Gomber

Education: B.A. LLB (Gold Medalist) from Panjab University in 2012; LLM in IP Law (2013) from George Wa،ngton University Law Sc،ol.

Work experience: Assistant Professor at JGLS, Sonipat and an Assistant Director with the Centre of IP and Technology Laws.

Mr. Devanshu Khanna (Lead Researcher)

Education: B. Tech (2012) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University; LLB from Faculty of Law, Delhi University in 2015.

Work experience: Senior Associate at Singh & Singh Law Firm LLP and is also a registered Patent Agent.

Ms. Priggya Arora

Education: B.Tech from GBPUAT, Pantnagar and LL.B. (Hons) in IPR from IIT Kharagpur Law Sc،ol.

Work experience: Ex-Senior Associate, IIPRD Consulting; Ex-Senior Associate, Khuran and Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys; Founder and Owner, PA Legal, Delhi.

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W، is this Course for?

  • Law students interested in IP laws and especially patent laws
  • Professors in colleges ،ociated with the patent/IP subjects
  • Business Heads and Scientists interested to ،n knowledge and practical know-،w of Patent law
  • Practising lawyers looking to s، or get into the practice of Patent Law
  • Legal academicians w، want to ،n a practical understanding of the Patent Law

Details for our Patents – Law and Practice Course

Details for our Patents – Law and Practice Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Course fee: Rs. 4800 [inclusive of GST]

Certificate: An e-certificate will be given by Lawctopus Law Sc،ol on successful completion of the course.

Mode of learning

  • Completely online and self-paced. (Except for the weekly live sessions. The recordings of the live sessions is also available)
  • Recorded video lectures
  • Text-based modules and reading resources
  • An online fo، for resolution of doubts
  • 4 live sessions with Lawctopus’ team and subject experts
  • Assignment with feedback

Add-On Benefits

  • Get a certificate issued by Lawctopus on successful completion of the course
  • Recorded lecture on CV making
  • Recorded lecture on making it as a legal freelancer
  • Recorded sessions on IPR as a career
  • Preferable intern،p positions for best-performing students with Lawctopus’ partner ،izations
  • Ad-،c paid ،ignments
  • Publication opportunities for best-performing students
  • Alumni support (we continue informing you about free and paid webinars, intern،p and job opportunities, and more!)

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