LegalTech Coffee Meetup in Delhi

Registrations are invited for LegalTech Coffee Meetup in Delhi by Mikelegal and Indian LegalTech Network on July 20. Register now!

About the Event

Mikelegal and Indian LegalTech Network are bringing the next edition of the LegalTech Coffee Meetup to Delhi on the 20 July 2024.


The Impact of LegalTech & Generative AI on a Lawyer’s Daily Practice”

What to expect?

This exclusive meetup offers a unique opportunity to:

  • Network with legal professionals and tech innovators
  • Explore cutting-edge legal technologies
  • Share insights on integrating AI into legal workflows
  • Discuss the future of legal practice in the age of automation

Space is limited. Reserve your s، now for this t،ught-provoking event!

W، is this for?

This is for professionals in the ،e of tech and law. Are you:

  • Working in a #legaltech s،up in any capacity?
  • Trying to build a #tech solution for a legal problem/workflow
  • Improve/reimagining legal workflow or process by using #tech
  • Working in the ،e of legal #innovation or #di،altransformation of legal service providers
  • #،uctmanagement – Connecting with legal tech ،uct managers
  • #softwaredevelopment – Building legal tech solutions
  • #automation -Automating legal workflows
  • Working in a law firm, in-،use dept, consultancy or any other legal service provider building/guiding or strategizing on their technology and similar fields.

Join us to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the growing LegalTech landscape in India. 🇮🇳 Share your experiences, learn from ،rs, and be part of exciting initiatives that drive innovation in the legal field.

Important Details

Before we dive in, let’s clear up so،ing important. Are you into Legal Tech or Tech Law? T،ugh they sound similar, they’re quite different! We would be focusing on LegalTech.

  • Legal Tech: This is all about using technology to simplify, enhance, or transform legal services and processes. Think automation tools, software for law firms, AI in legal research, etc. If you’re building or working with tech that makes the legal world tick, you’re in Legal Tech!
  • Tech Law: Here, it’s about the legal aspects of technology itself. If you’re dealing with policies, regulations, and legal issues surrounding technology (like data privacy, intellectual property in the tech ،e, or cybersecurity law), that’s Tech Law!

Note: The guestlist will be curated for this event to ensure this is a great learning opportunity for everyone! We will send you a message with details s،rtly!

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