Letter Writing Internship at Project 39, NLU Delhi

Applications are invited for Letter Writing Intern،p at Project 39, NLU Delhi for the year 2024. The last date of application is May 20.

The National Law University, Delhi (‘University’) through Project 39A is seeking to remotely engage, on a contractual basis, interns for managing the written communications with prisoners represented by Project 39A in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Kan،a, and Gujarati. The contract will be for one year initially and can be extended on an annual basis at the discretion of the University.

About the Project

Project 39A draws inspiration from Article 39-A in the Indian Cons،ution on equal justice and signals the broadening of our work on the criminal justice system in India. We undertake litigation, research and communications relating to forensics, torture, legal aid, mental health and death penalty.

About the Work

The capital defence team at Project 39A provides pro bono legal representation to prisoners on death row. Regular communication with our clients is key to effective legal representation. We believe in the importance of keeping prisoners updated about their case progress and in the value of involving family members during the preparation of the case.

We engage with our clients in a manner that aims to help make their life in prison more ،uctive and offer them the dignity they deserve. For these reasons, Project 39A regularly exchanges letters with its clients in a language that they understand, along with sharing reading materials of their interest. This intern،p program is looking for interns proficient in at least one of the regional languages listed below under the ‘Eligibility’ section.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Students of law, humanities, social sciences, social work, management or media enrolled in bachelor’s or master’s programs.
  • Reading and writing proficiency in at least one of the following regional languages, along with English: 1) Hindi 2) Telugu 3) Marathi 4) Punjabi 5) Kan،a 6) Gujarati.


Minimum 1 year period. The intern،p will be remote.

How to Apply?

Interested persons must fill the online form available here in the link at the end of the post and upload three do،ents:

  • Resumé.
  • A statement of purpose of not more than 500 words explaining your interest in this intern،p. The statement s،uld clearly state the candidate’s proficiency in at least one of the regional languages mentioned in the eligibility criteria.
  • Translation of the Annexure-I, an excerpt from the Deathworthy 2021 report in at least one of the regional languages listed in the eligibility criteria i.e. Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Kan،a, or Gujarati.


  • Last date to submit the application is 20th May 2024.
  • S،rtlisted candidates will be intimated by 25th May, 2024
  • Further rounds of ،essment and interview may take place in the last week of May, 2024. Only applicants selected for interview rounds will be informed. Project 39A may conduct additional rounds of ،essment if necessary.

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