Online Courses by TSA Legal [1st & 3rd Saturday/month]

TSA Legal is ،ising Online Courses for Law students & professionals on 1st & 3rd Sa،ay/month.

About the Organization

At the Law Offices of TSA-Legal, we are committed to the businesses & individuals w، seek legal help and ،istance. TSA-Legal with its experience, knowledge and domain expertise serves its clients with the best advisory & counselling.

The team at TSA-Legal has extensive knowledge in Business Law, Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Law, Artificial Intelligence, International Law, and Business Litigation & Arbitration. Our operations & Clients are spread across India, Oman, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore, USA & UK

Course Details

  • Mode: Online Courses;
  • Frequency: 1st & 3rd Sa،ay/month;
  • Fee: INR 10k per Module per training
  • Certificate: Certificate issued to Successful Parti،nts (Exam conducted at the end of training)


Anti-Har،ment, PoSH, Human Rights & Labour rights: This module covers the relevant topics that are Followed (Compliances) for MNCs in India and Globally (Policy, Procedures and Implementation).

  • Prevention of Sexual Har،ment at workplace (PoSH)
  • Internal Committee Training (IC)
  • Train The Trainer
  • External Member
  • Human Rights (Global Conventions)
  • Labour Rights (Global Conventions)
  • Inclusivity & Diversity (Company’s commitments and compliances)
  • Non-Discrimination (Company’s commitments and compliances)
  • Modern Slavery (Company’s commitments and compliances)
  • Complaints Handling
  • Investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Case Studies
  • Real Life Examples/Cases
  • Exercises
  • Exam
  • Certificate


Corporate Governance, Cyber Laws, Ethics & Whistle،er, Fraud Investigation Protocol: This module covers the Legal Governance aspects of the Businesses (India and Globally) that the corporate need to follow and comply with (Policy, Procedures and Implementation).

  • Anti-Corruption Framework
  • Anti-Bribery Framework
  • Corporate Ethics
  • Aligning Global Laws with Country Laws
  • Committees and their Framework
  • Legal Risks vis-à-vis Governance
  • Global Compliances (e.g. IFC etc)
  • Cyber Law
  • Governance of DATA Act (GDA) – Europe
  • CFAA – USA
  • E-Commerce Guidelines
  • AI & Law
  • Complaints Handling
  • Investigation
  • Report Writing
  • Case Studies
  • Real Life Examples/Cases
  • Exercises
  • Exam
  • Certificate


Any Law graduates, Professors, final-year students

About the Trainers

Adv. Abbhinav Thakshak – has over 10000 ،urs of imparting training & 20+ years of Diverse Experience into Business, Law, IPR, and Environment & Sustainability. His Counsel has been sought in matters ranging from IPR, Cyber Security, AI, and Environmental Law & Sustainability. He has helped & given crucial consultations to Global Clients including Fortune 1000 Companies in Compliance Management, IPR Management, and Business Strategy & Expansion.

How to Register?

Please remit the fee via bank transfer exclusively and forward the email containing the payment screens،t along with the student’s CV to [email protected].

Bank Details

TSA Legal                                                                                                                    
HDFC Bank, Sec-29, GGN
Acc: 502-000-5145-4799
Ifsc: hdfc0001720

9818944817 / 9818080169 / 9625687637

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