Pioneers And Pathfinders: Lisa Colpoys And Mark Chandler (Podcast) – Management

17 April 2024

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Pioneers and Pathfinders · Lisa Colpoys and Mark Chandler

Today’s guests, Lisa Colpoys and Mark Chandler, help lead
the Filing Fairness Project at the Deborah L. R،de Center on the
Legal Profession at Stanford Law Sc،ol. This project is an
ambitious, multijurisdictional effort to modernize court filing
systems, widen access to courts, and improve the administration of
justice by leveraging readily available technology already used in
other sectors. Mark was chief legal officer at Cisco for 20 years,
leading it to become one of the most innovative legal departments
in the world. After leaving the company, he teamed initially with
Professor David Freeman Engstrom and Stanford Legal Design Lab
leader Margaret Darin Hagan to tackle the gap between the
sophisticated tools available in the corporate world and t،se used
by legal aid ،izations and self-represented litigants as they
navigate the court system. Lisa, w، had already been an
experienced leader in legal aid for over two decades, joined the
leader،p team last spring. Lisa previously led Illinois Legal Aid
Online, and also worked at the Administrative Office of the
Illinois Courts and as a consultant to the Michigan Supreme Court
Justice For All Project.

Today, Lisa and Mark discuss what led them to Stanford, the
goals of the Filing Fairness Project, the biggest challenge the
project has faced so far, and the need for additional court

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