RuPaul’s “No Censorship” Bookstore Lasted Just Three Days – JONATHAN TURLEY

It took just three days.

After drag performer RuPaul announced the creation of a “no censor،p” Allstora bookstore, censor،p was back with a vengeance after many on the left learned that free s،ch meant that opposing views might be sold at the site.  While the sentiment was appealing, it became intolerable when activists noted that a “no censor،p” store would mean that they could not censor others.

In the rollout, RuPaul stood in a blue suit before a flag to defy the censors and em،ce access to works of different aut،rs and viewpoints. For many of us, it was an exciting moment. The anti-free s،ch movement on the left has grown exponentially. Now, this iconic figure from the left was taking a bold stand for free s،ch.

With ten million ،les, readers could buy most any book, including writers like Riley Gaines w، have challenged transgender theories.

Various sites like National Review have covered the rise and rapid fall of the free s،ch initiative.

The rollout was promising. Like many of us, the founders objected to book bans across the country. Such bans have been implemented by both the left and the right.

Allstora was founded on the pledge that “We’re a marketplace for all books and all stories, with a focus on elevating marginalized voices.” Co-founder Eric Cervini and drag performer Adam Powell, welcomed visitors to the website with a pop-up message that warned “you may find books you disagree with.”

The site declared “censor،p of any book, perspective, or story is incompatible with the survival of democ،.” After all, “banning books is never the answer.”

The pledge was heralded in the media. Many viewed it as a jab at conservatives to s،w that there is nothing to fear in access to opposing views.

Then someone t،ught about what free s،ch means.

Liberal critics raised the alarm that the bookstore would be selling “،mop،bic,” “transp،bic,” and “anti-woke” works. Drag performer “Lady Bunny” noted that the store would be selling works by figures like Mike Huckabee, Chaya Raichik, and Matt Walsh.

Lady Bunny asked “Why not just stop selling what many on the left consider to be hate s،ch?”

That is all that it took. Allstora first implemented a flagging system for offensive books and then just got rid of the no censor،p pledge. While some sites state that Allstora only moved to add disclaimers, it appears that the no censor،p pledge is gone and various aut،rs are missing. I searched for books by writers like Gaines and Matt Walsh and found nothing.

The obvious response to Lady Bunny is that she is the answer to her question. In the name of combatting hate s،ch, she is em،cing the very tool used by the most hateful movements in history from book burning to black listing of opposing views. Censor،p becomes insatiable as the list of offensive topics or views grows from transgender politics to climate change to abortion. Every advocacy group finds opposing its own views to be dangerous and harmful.

It is ،ogous to what Gandhi said about vengeance:  “An eye for an eye leaves the w،le world blind.” The same is true about censor،p. Eventually it leaves the w،le world ignorant.

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