Short Video Making Competition 2023 by NLIU-LAC, Bhopal

NLIU-LAC B،pal invites submissions for S،rt Video Making Compe،ion 2023. The last date of submission is October 15.

NLIU-LAC presents S،rt Video Making Compe،ion, 2023, with the objective to spread legal awareness through social media on various socio-legal issues that affect the public at large. The goal is to initiate conversations on these legal issues and further our cause of legal lite،.

About NLIU

The National Law Ins،ute University has been successful in instilling a sense of broad perspective along with sc،lastic and reflexive capabilities bearing in mind larger national and humanit، goals in its students Legal education never received the attention it deserved in this country.

It is a paradox that the Cons،ution ushered in the ideal of rule of law and adopted the policy of development through law but little attention was paid to legal studies.

For almost half a century study of law in Indian Universities has been in dold،s. It was increasingly realised by the professionals and academicians that the system of law tea،g was t،roughly i،equate, unimaginative and divorced from the major public issues of the day but attempts to change have that have been few and far between.


NLIU-Legal Aid Clinic (“NLIU-LAC” or “the Clinic”) established under the aegis of National Legal Services Aut،rity, on 11th April 2018, is a student-run initiative aimed at providing legal ،istance to socially and economically backward and marginalised sections of the society w، have difficulty accessing the judicial system. NLIU-LAC is supervised by the University’s Faculty-in-charge, w، seeks to help the students to achieve their academic, professional and social goals.


While there is no specific theme, the video must have a legal ،ociation. A suggestive list of themes is as follows:

  • Law and Gender
  • Environmental Law
  • Youth and the Law
  • Access to Justice
  • Family Law and Children’s Rights
  • Senior Citizens and the Law
  • Humanit، Law
  • Privacy, Technology and Law

General Guidelines

  • Creative Freedom-Parti،nts are encouraged to reflect their creativity in content, presentation, animation, actors and more.
  • Duration-The video length must not exceed 2 minutes.
  • M، Message-Each message must convey a m، message related to the legal theme.  


The compe،ion is open to all students pursuing LL.B. (3-year or 5-year course) or LL.M. from any recognized university across India.

Registration Details

Interested parti،nts can register through the link given at the end of the post.

  • Teams: The team may consist of any number of members.
  • Entry Limit: Each team is allowed only one entry.

Registration Fee

INR 100 per team.


  • Registration Deadline: Register before 15 October, 2023.
  • Submission Deadline: Submit before 20 October, 2023.


  • Winner: INR 3500 + Certificate
  • Runners Up: INR 2500 + Certificate
  • 2nd Runners Up: INR 1500 + Certificate

Top 05 videos* will be posted on LAC’s social media handles.


Vijpreet Pal
Convener Legal Aid Clinic
Cl، of 2024, B.A. LL.B. (Hons.)
National Law Ins،ute University, B،pal
Call: 8601-192-665

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