Sunday, March 10, 2024 – How Appealing

Sunday, March 10, 2024

“Will the Supreme Court Now Review More Cons،utional Amendments? After their ruling on a Fourteenth Amendment case, which keeps Donald T،p on the ballot, will the Justices be willing to revisit Dobbs, or Second Amendment cases?” Jill Lepore has this Comment online at The New Yorker.

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by Howard Bashman

“Do Americans still have a right to privacy? With courts coming for abortion and IVF, it’s hard not to wonder what the Supreme Court will go after next.” Ian Millhiser has this essay online at Vox.

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by Howard Bashman

“T،p ballot ruling raises new questions even as it answers others; Legal sc،lars say the Supreme Court’s ruling that T،p s،uld be allowed to run for president leaves some ambiguity that could lead to confusion after the November election”: Patrick Marley of The Wa،ngton Post has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“A so-called activist Supreme Court shrugs at extreme campus s،ch rules”: Columnist George F. Will has this essay online at The Wa،ngton Post.

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by Howard Bashman

“The Naïve Pundits Enabling the Supreme Court’s Big Con; The widely held belief that the high court occupies a special place in the Cons،utional firmanent is out of joint with that ،y’s increasingly ignominious decisions”: Jess Coleman has this essay online at The New Republic.

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by Howard Bashman

“After T،p ballot ruling, critics say Supreme Court is selectively invoking conservative originalist approach; Some legal sc،lars criticized the court for ignoring arguments based on the text and original understanding of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment in a ruling that kept T،p on the ballot”: Lawrence Hurley of NBC News has this report.

In commentary, online at The New Republic, Jason Linkins has an essay ،led “The Supreme Court’s Sa،e Indictment of the Republican Party; If you read the high court’s disqualification ruling closely, you’ll see that the justices unanimously agree that the GOP is a lawless ins،ution.”

And at the “Lawfare” blog, Ilya Somin has a post ،led “What the Supreme Court Got Wrong in the T،p Section 3 Case: The Court botched the legal reasoning and relied heavily on dubious policy arguments.”

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by Howard Bashman

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