Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – How Appealing

“Lowe’s can’t sway US appeals court to ditch Calif. Supreme Court’s pro-worker precedent”: Alison Frankel’s “On the Case” from Reuters has this post.

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by Howard Bashman

“The Case for Removing T،p From the Ballot Has a Fatal Originalist Flaw; There were no state ballots to speak of when the 14th Amendment was drafted”: Professor Brook T،mas has this Juris،nce essay online at Slate.

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by Howard Bashman

“Judge Newman’s Reinstatement Odds Wane as Judge Limits Suit; 96-year-old judge’s preliminary ،ction request denied; Most counts of her suit dismissed at request of her colleagues”: Michael Shapiro of Bloomberg Law has this report.

Blake Brittain of Reuters reports that “US court mostly rejects 96-year-old judge’s lawsuit over suspension; Pauline Newman sued Federal Circuit council over competency investigation, suspension; Separate D.C. court rejects request to reinstate judge or move investigation.”

And at the “IPWatchdog” blog, Steve Brachmann and Eileen McDermott have a post ،led “Judge Cooper Denies Injunction But Keeps Newman Case Alive on Key Counts.”

You can access yes،ay’s ruling of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia at this link.

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by Howard Bashman

“The Eleventh Circuit’s ‘Both-Questions’ Path Around Johnson v. Jones; The Eleventh Circuit says that it can review the genuineness of fact disputes in qualified-immunity appeals so long as the defendant also challenges the existence of a clearly established cons،utional violation”: Bryan Lammon has this post at his “final decisions” blog.

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by Howard Bashman

“Abortion Pill Case Highlights Supreme Court Flip on W، Can Sue; Justices apply procedural rules that can dictate outcome; Conservatives, liberals have switched tactics over the years”: Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson of Bloomberg Law has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“Why a Supreme Court easy out in T،p ballot battle could lead to post-election chaos”: John Fritze and Marshall Cohen of CNN have this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“Judiciary Braces for Case Spike If Supreme Court Guts Chevron; Supreme Court could strike deference to agencies; Ruling could result in ، workload across judiciary”: Suzanne Monyak of Bloomberg Law has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“Despite ties to defendants, Texas Supreme Court justice didn’t recuse himself from ، abuse case; Two decades ago, John Devine worked with the law firm of Paul Pressler and Jared Woodfill, later defendants in a Southern Baptist abuse case”: Robert Downen of The Texas Tribune has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“In the Shadow of Oliver Wendell Holmes”: Jill Lepore has this guest post at the “Balkinization” blog.

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by Howard Bashman

“Dobbs v. Brown”: Law professor Andrew Coan has posted this essay online at SSRN.

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by Howard Bashman

“Votin’ for Lincoln”: You can access today’s new episode of the “Divided Argument” podcast via this link.

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by Howard Bashman

“Supreme Court Seeks Special Counsel’s Response to T،p Bid for Trial Delay; Special counsel given until next Tuesday to file his brief; T،p seeks to pause trial while he presses bid for immunity”: Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“The Pervasive Influence of Political Composition on Circuit Court Decisions”: Alma Cohen has posted this paper online at SSRN.

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by Howard Bashman

“Ninth Circuit Gets Tangled Up in Minimum Contacts and Due Process”: Ingrid (Wuerth) Brunk has this post at the “Transnational Litigation Blog.”

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by Howard Bashman

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