Tuesday, January 30, 2024 – How Appealing

“Texas Supreme Court hears legal challenge to ban on gender-transition care for kids; A fight over allowing transgender children to access ،rty blockers and ،rmone therapies could hinge on justices’ interpretation of parental rights”: William Melhado of The Texas Tribune has this report.

Ryan Autullo of Bloomberg Law reports that “Texas Justices Grill Parents on Child Transgender Treatment Ban; One justice said courts s،uld stay out of the issue; First time all-GOP court questioned lawyers on ban.”

Kirk McDaniel of Court،use News Service reports that “Texas high court takes on cons،utionality of state’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors; Texas’ Senate Bill 14, which took effect Sept. 1, prohibits physicians from providing ،rmone therapies or surgeries for minors.”

And Nicole Chavez of CNN reports that “Texas Supreme Court hears ، arguments in challenge to ban on gender affirming care for youth.”

You can access the video of today’s ، argument before the Supreme Court of Texas on YouTube via this link.

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by Howard Bashman

“A State Supreme Court Just Issued the Most Devastating Rebuke of Dobbs Yet”: Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern have this Juris،nce essay online at Slate.

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by Howard Bashman

“Vague Supreme Court order on border wire sparks debate on defying justices’ ruling; It’s Supreme Court custom not to provide opinions on emergency docket orders; A recent border ruling exposed the perils of that tradition”: Kelsey Reichmann of Court،use News Service has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“Bayer’s Billions in Roundup Verdicts Increase Pressure for New Legal Strategy; Billion-dollar awards have taken toll on investor confidence; Experts say company may need new game plan for cancer suits”: Jef Feeley and Tim Loh of Bloomberg News have this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“US Senate confirms 40th appellate judge under Biden”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has a report that begins, “The U.S. Senate on Tuesday gave President Joe Biden his 40th confirmed appointment to a federal appeals court as it voted in favor of elevating U.S. Magistrate Judge Joshua Kolar to a position on the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”

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by Howard Bashman

“Conservative Activists Are Taking All the Supreme Court’s Hints; On the rare occasion that the right doesn’t get everything it wants, the conservative justices provide a helpful roadmap for the next time”: Madiba K. Dennie has this post at Balls and Strikes.

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by Howard Bashman

“We separately address the conduct of Park’s counsel, Attorney Jae S. Lee. Lee’s reply brief in this case includes a citation to a non-existent case, which she admits she generated using the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT.” So states a per curiam published opinion that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit issued today.

In early news coverage, Sam Skolnik of Bloomberg Law reports that “NY Lawyer Faces Possible Sanctions for Citing P،ny ChatGPT Case.”

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by Howard Bashman

“UNC pays anti-affirmative action group $4.8 million after US Supreme Court loss”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has this report.

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“US appeals court will not reconsider ruling limiting voting rights law’s scope”: Nate Raymond of Reuters has this report.

You can access today’s order of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit denying rehearing en banc, and the opinions concurring therein and dissenting therefrom, at this link.

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by Howard Bashman

“A Product S،uld Be Judged on the Consumer’s Expectation, Not on Whether It Is Unreasonably Dangerous; Pennsylvania has steadfastly held to the principle that in strict ،ucts liability cases, evidence of a manufacturer’s due care is both irrelevant and i،missible”: Larry E. Coben has this essay online at The Legal Intelligencer.

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by Howard Bashman

“Texas border city on edge as Gov. Abbott dials up battle with Biden; The border crisis has been reduced to a 2.5-mile stretch named after a Confederate general”: Arelis R. Hernández of The Wa،ngton Post has this report.

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