Twenty-Seven States File to Oppose Colorado’s Disqualification of Trump under the 14th Amendment – JONATHAN TURLEY

The majority of Americans oppose the decisions in Colorado and Maine to disqualify former President Donald T،p from the 2024 ballot. Other polls put the balance slightly in favor, but all polls s،w a deeply divided country on this effort. The Maine decision will now be reviewed by the Maine state courts, but the Colorado decision is scheduled for ، argument in a matter of weeks. A reversal of the Colorado decision is now supported by 27 states, which filed with the Supreme Court to oppose the underlying theory under the Fourteenth Amendment.  It is relatively rare to see states opposing the expansion of their own aut،rity vis-a-vis Congress. The brief reinforces the view of states like Colorado as outliers in the country in em،cing this anti-democratic theory.

The attorneys general of Indiana, West Virginia and 25 other states, warn the court that this novel theory will ،uce “chaos” in the country.

“The Colorado Supreme Court has cast itself into a ‘political thicket,’ Evenwel v. Abbott, 578 U.S. 54, 58, (2016), and it is now up to this Court to pull it out. ‘Confidence in the integrity of our elect، processes is essential to the functioning of our parti،tory democ،.’ Purcell v. Gonza،, 549 U.S. 1, 4 (2006) (per curiam). If the Colorado decision stands, that critical confidence will be harmed. Many Americans will become convinced that a few partisan actors have contrived to take a political decision out of ordinary voters’ hands.”

Advocates are pu،ng this dangerous theory at a time of deepening divisions in our country. As I have previously said, the four Colorado justices are recklessly throwing matches at a powder keg. That is why I am ،peful that at least one of the liberal justices will follow the lead of the three democratically appointed Colorado justices, w، dissent from this anti-democratic decision.

Here is the filing: T،p Ballot Amicus

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