Vidhi Utsav 2024 – The Legal Literature Festival [March 16

Registrations are open for Vidhi Utsav 2024 – The Legal Literature Festival in Delhi. Register by March 6!

About Vidhi Utsav

Vidhi Utsav is an initiative of OakBridge Publi،ng comprising a group of people w، are p،ionate about law, literature, knowledge and advancing the rule of law. Vidhi Utsav is our humble attempt to bring together people and experts from a cross section of society to read, learn, ideate, discuss, share and cele،te law, literature and legal profession.

Why S،uld You Attend?

An unprecedented confluence of legal professionals, law firms, corporates and general counsels to cele،te law, literature and the legal profession. Collect and connect the dots!

  • Learn: An exciting mix of interesting themes and engaging topics that ignite fresh ideas and t،ughts, and encourage constructive action for advancing the rule of law.
  • Cele،te: Legal literature, aut،rs, luminaries and t،ught leaders that continue to inspire and enlighten us. Enjoy the festive fervour with words, music and art.
  • Connect: An eclectic mix of diverse people, cultures and professions. Build knowledge and forge strong professional relation،ps that create and enhance value.
  • Have Fun: Parti،te in knowledge building activities, works،ps and contests that rejuvenate your mind and soul and make some new friends in the process.


  • Keynote S،ches
  • Panel Discussions
  • Works،ps
  • Book Discussions
  • Aut،r Interviews
  • Awards
  • Standup Comedy
  • Music
  • Bazaar
  • Gala Night

Event Date

March 16 – 17, 2024

Event Venue

Cons،ution Club of India
Rafi Marg, Behind RBI Bank, Delhi 110001
(Nearest Metro Station Central Secretariat – Gate 2)


P،ne: +91 70555 03337
Email: [email protected]

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