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Key Takeaways

  • A divorce certificate is the official record that your marriage
    has been legally terminated.

  • The divorce certificate is distinct from a decree nisi, which
    is a provisional order, and a decree absolute, which is the final
    court order ending the marriage. The certificate serves as proof
    for legal and administrative purposes post-divorce, such as
    remarrying or reverting to a maiden name.

  • Obtaining a divorce certificate can involve counselling (if
    married less than two years), fees, and ،ential delays caused by
    court proceedings or procedural issues.

A divorce certificate is the final marker of a legally
recognised separation—necessary for remarrying or officially
reclaiming your single status. In this article, our divorce
lawyers Sydney
, explain ،w to acquire your divorce
certificate, as well as outlines the ،ociated fees, and provides
an estimated timeframe for the entire process, aiming to simplify
your post-divorce transitions.

What is a divorce certificate?

A divorce certificate is a court do،ent form that provides
proof of divorce, serving as the official record that your marriage
has been legally terminated. It’s similar to a marriage
certificate, but instead of symbolising the beginning of a union,
it marks its legal end.

The divorce certificate is issued by the governing ،ies of
family law, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia once
the divorce order takes effect.

This certificate contains key details about the divorce process,
such as the parties involved and the date the divorce was granted,
making it an essential part of your divorce paperwork, including
any additional divorce orders.

Differences between a Divorce Certificate, Decree Absolute, and
Decree Nisi

While a divorce certificate, decree absolute, and decree nisi
are all part of the divorce proceedings, each serves a different

The divorce certificate is the official do،ent that provides
proof that your marriage has been legally dissolved. It is issued
after the divorce order takes effect, marking the end of the
divorce process.

A decree nisi is a provisional order by the court indicating
that it sees no reason a divorce cannot be granted. It’s the
first step towards the finalisation of divorce proceedings, usually
following a court hearing, which may even involve the Supreme Court
in certain cases.

The decree absolute is the final court order that officially
ends the marriage. It can only be issued at least six weeks and one
day after the decree nisi. Unlike the divorce certificate, these
do،ents play an active role in the divorce proceedings, paving
the way for the issuance of the divorce certificate.

The importance of divorce certificate

The divorce certificate is more than just a piece of paper; it
carries considerable legal weight and serves as an essential tool
for various administrative tasks post-divorce.

Proof of Divorce

One of the most important roles your divorce certificate plays
is to serve as the legal proof that you are no longer bound by your
previous marriage. This means that you can remarry if you wish

Why and when you might need your divorce certificate?

In addition to providing the legal proof of your divorce, your
divorce certificate may also be needed if you want to revert to
your maiden name or if you need to address financial matters
related to the dissolved marriage. In essence, the divorce
certificate is a testament to the fact that your marriage broke
down irretrievably and that the court has officially recognised
this dissolution.

Applying for Divorce certificate

Applying for a divorce certificate is easier than you may

First, you must ensure your divorce is final, which happens one
month and one day after it’s granted. If your divorce was
finalised after February 13, 2010, you can download the di،al
divorce order from the Commonwealth Courts Portal for free. This
di،al order, with an electronic seal and signature, is the
official proof of divorce. For divorces before this date or granted
in Western Australia, different processes apply. There’s a $30
fee for sear،g court records and issuing the proof of divorce if
it’s found.

How long does it take to get divorce certificate

The time it takes to get the divorce certificate can vary
greatly based on several factors. In general, if you are yet to
divorce, it can take a few months to finalise a divorce and receive
a divorce order, s،ing from 
applying for divorce in Australia
 and filing your
application with the court. However, procedural issues like
difficulties in locating or serving the spouse with divorce papers
can significantly extend this timeline.

To be able to access your divorce certificate, the divorce must
be final, and this occurs one month and one day after it is
granted, which is when the divorce order is issued. Delays can
occur at various stages, including issues with paperwork,
procedural steps not being followed, or the court’s
dissatisfaction with arrangements for children. Therefore, it’s
essential to take these ،ential delays into account when planning
for the future after your divorce.

FAQs about divorce certificates

Divorce proceedings can often lead to a mul،ude of questions,
especially concerning divorce certificates. These concerns can
range from understanding the divorce process to knowing when you
can remarry after a divorce.

How do you check if you are divorced?

To check if you are divorced, you can obtain official proof of
divorce at no cost from the Commonwealth Courts Portal if the
divorce was finalised after 13 February 2010. This proof of divorce
is a di،al order with an electronic seal and signature and is the
only proof of divorce provided by the courts.

Do I need a divorce certificate to remarry in Australia?

Yes, you need a divorce certificate or former spouse’s death
certificate to remarry in Australia. It is a legal requirement for
re-marriage in the country.

How much does it cost to get a divorce certificate?

It costs $30 to obtain a divorce certificate if your divorce was
finalised prior to February 13, 2010. If your divorce was finalised
after this, you can get the certificate at no cost through the
Commonwealth Courts Portal.

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