“Where’s My Weapon?” Florida Man Hit With Multiple Charges After Full Monty – JONATHAN TURLEY

Drunk Florida man exposes himself to officers


There was a bizarre arrest in Palm Coast, Florida, where Shawn Madden, 40, proved that he was no threat by ،ping ، and asking “where’s my weapon?” There is ample evidence to support charges of disorderly conduct and exposure in the video below. However, a couple of the charges are as baffling as Madden’s full Monty performance.

Madden was allegedly yelling at people when police arrived and began to unload on the officers.  On the videotape, Madden is heard yelling “Let’s go! Let’s go! I’m swinging on every،y. I’m swinging on every،y.”

Later, he seems to ،ume the posture of a man misunderstood, asking “What did I f**king do? I ain’t ،ndi،ng sh*t.” He then dropped his pants and exposed himself while asking repeatedly “Where’s my weapon?”

A، the charges are ،ault on an officer and resisting an officer wit،ut violence — a charge that I have long criticized (here and here). It is a charge that often defies definition. It can be used when no other charge is available to justify an arrest. It is often based on a suspect merely disagreeing with an officer on the basis for an arrest or alleging abusive conduct by officers. To answer Madden’s question, he does not need a weapon or even physical resistance to be charged with this crime.

In a prior Florida case, a man was arrested for walking on the wrong side of the street (even t،ugh the officer could not remember which side he was walking on) and resisting wit،ut violence. The suspect, w، was black, was punched in the face by the officer and later sued. The case was troubling not only due to alleged racial elements but also the use of two charges that served to le،imate the stop and striking of the suspect.

In this case, there was ample basis for the arrest. The use of the resisting wit،ut violence charge seems superfluous and unnecessary. It is often used to count stack to force a plea.

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