Will AI lead to dramatic changes in patent prosecution over the next 5 years? 

Computers aren’t going to cause any changes that are any more “dramatic” over the next five years than they have over the previous five years. Put another way, the “drama” caused by the use of computers has far less to do with increases in the “power” of computers and far more to do with the behavior of powerful people using computers (and peddling computer use) to affect human behavior.

You might as well ask the same question about improvements in personal weapon technology.

As I’ve stated earlier, the best outcome that can arise from increased use of the technology (laughably referred to here using the meaningless term “artificial intelligence”) is that the PTO and courts wake up to the absurdity of patenting logic (a farcical game that revolves primarily around the creation of fake structure in the form of newly coined verbiage applied to decision making). That’s not a likely outcome, given the depths of inanity in which the system is presently suffocating, but it’s the best outcome.

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    Wandering through says:

    Put me in the “No” category. I have clients w، are on the cutting edge of AI technology so I’m pretty comfortable with both the technology and have some insight into the future. While AI has its fair share of parlor tricks, for patent prosecution, it adds next to nothing.

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