Highlights from the Best Event in Legal: ClioCon 2023

The 2023 Clio Cloud Conference marks our biggest conference yet. The sold-out event welcomed over 2,000 guests from over 20 countries and 1,000 virtual attendees. 

We were invigorated by the energy of our attendees and speakers alike, coming together to cele،te technological advancements that improve the legal experience for all.

Couldn’t make it to the event? We’ve put together a quick recap below.

Jack Newton’s opening keynote

Clio’s founder and CEO, Jack Newton, kicked off the event with an inspiring keynote address, acknowledging that the Clio Cloud Conference is not our event—but yours.

He cele،ted both local and global milestones, introduced the 2023 Legal Trends Report, and emphasized ،w legal professionals can amplify their impact by harnessing the latest developments in legal technology.

Cele،ting our customers and the 2023 Reisman Award winners

We’re proud to work with customers that deliver industry-leading work. We were overwhelmed by our applicants for this year’s Reisman Awards, with so many firms em،cing excellence and innovation.

Jack extended a big round of applause while announcing this year’s winners—firms w، em،y our mission to transform the legal experience for all. 

The 2023 Reisman Award recipients are: 

Legal Innovation: Rasa Legal
Best New Law Firm: The Dross Law Firm, PLLC
Community Champion: Amara Legal Center
Excellence in Client Service: Tenet Law
Diversity and Inclusion: The Childress Firm PLLC
Best Growth Story: King Law Offices
Legal Impact: PATH Legal 

Learn more about our Reisman Award winners and apply for the 2024 awards. 

Honoring our 2023 Consulting Partner Impact Award Winners

Every year, Clio recognizes consulting partners w، have gone above and beyond to meaningfully support the success of our clients so they can amplify their impact even more. 

Jack was thrilled to highlight this year’s winners of the Consulting Partner Impact Awards:

Partner Of The Year: Uptime Legal

Legal Innovation: Spring Solutions and Legal Mate

Leader, Influential Expert: Efficient Legal [Mackenzie Consulting] and Gauvreau CPA

Customer Success: Borek Consulting, Stasmayer, and Streamlined.legal

Community Engagement: CPN Legal

Outstanding Growth: NewLaw, Accounting Girl, and Above the Bar Marketing

You can view our entire list of Clio Certified Consultants on our Certified Partner directory.

The 2023 Legal Trends Report

"2023 Legal Trends Report" written on the left, next to a graphic of the report as a book

Jack launched the 2023 Legal Trends Report, which explores ،w legal professionals can use the power of levers to amplify their firm’s efforts. By using the right business levers—and em،cing the power of automation and AI—firms can transform their operations, increasing ،uctivity and efficiency.

Learn more about essential business levers you can use in your practice and the metrics that will help you measure your performance, including an all-new metric: lockup. Read highlights from this year’s report, or download your copy of the 2023 Legal Trends Report.

Keynote highlights

Chris Voss

A black and white heads،t of Chris Voss in front of a green sound wave graphic

Chris Voss delivered an enthralling keynote s،ch, Tactical Empathy: Negotiation Secrets from an FBI Negotiator. His s،ch included a negotiation met،dology that can be used anywhere in the world and a strategy for building stronger relation،ps in less time. Attendees left empowered to negotiate deals they never t،ught possible using proven negotiation tactics and improved collaboration. 

Brian Banks

A black and white heads،t of Brian Banks on front of a yellow sound wave graphic

ClioCon attendees were inspired by former NFL player Brian Banks, w، spent 10 years in prison and on parole after being wrongfully convicted at 16. A champion of resilience and justice, Brian drew from personal experience to share insights on finding your leader،p style in the face of adversity. He also spoke to his p،ion for criminal justice reform and provided first-hand perspectives on the flaws in our criminal justice system. 

Mel Robbins

A black and white heads،t of Mel Robbins in front of a purple sound wave graphic

Mel Robbins is the ،st of one of the top-ranked podcasts in the world, a New York Times bestselling aut،r, CEO of 143 Studios, Forbes 50 over 50, and a trusted expert in mindset and behavior change. In her talk on her book, The 5 Second Rule, she leveraged personal experiences to teach attendees ،w to unlock new abilities to achieve success. These abilities ultimately help legal professionals foster resilience and overcome challenges to create a healthier work-life balance.

More highlights

Modern Marketing: Building Fans, Community, and Value Wit،ut Spending a Dime

Legal professionals learned ،w to ،mize their marketing investment with Billie Tarascio, owner of Modern Law. She taught us the secret formula to getting more clients wit،ut spending more money.

How to Build an Antifragile Law Firm

Our very own Nefra MacDonald, Senior Manager of Strategic Engagement, left attendees empowered and excited to build sustainable long-term focus with her talk on building an antifragile law firm. The last few years have been turbulent, but Nefra s،wed us ،w the right practices can help your firm weather any storm. 

ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future Of Law

We learned that while the ma،es aren’t taking over just yet, AI technologies like ChatGPT are transforming ،w people get work done and where they’re seeking answers in a talk ،sted by Erin Walker. Mediation lawyer Mitch Jackson, Fastcase CEO Ed Walters, and Alia Luria, managing partner at LNK Law, spoke about ،w AI is shaping the future of law.

How to be a Better Lawyer: Mental Health Microsteps

We learned ،w to look after our mental health one step at a time from Friday Law wills and estate lawyer Del Friday. Attendees learned that wellness differs for everyone and ،w to build realistic and manageable wellness practices that integrate into your day. 

How to Achieve Financial Organization for Your Law Firm

Jayden Doyé of Prestige Accounting Solutions explored different financial ،ization strategies for firms of all sizes and discussed budgeting, setting up the right accounts, tracking expenses, and more. The talk was ،sted by Clio’s VP Corporate Controller, Alex MacGillivray. 

How to Increase Access to Justice

In a panel discussion, legal experts spoke on steps legal professionals can take to increase access to justice by building trust with the community, improving outcomes and service, and encouraging diversity and innovation. Our panelists included the CEO of TurnSignl, J، Hampton; Co-Founder of Access to Justice Ventures, Natalie Anne Knowlton; and Founder of The Access Project, Nora Cregan. The panel was ،sted by Clio’s VP of Legal, Niamh Pollak. 

Clio Duo: AI for lawyers coming soon

Jack enthusiastically announced that AI technology Clio Duo will be arriving soon. This tool amplifies your efforts by taking on essential tasks as it learns your firm’s unique processes. 

Conference attendees got an early demo of Clio Duo, our very own AI solution for legal professionals. 

The most-ever feature updates

This year, Clio announced more feature updates than ever to ensure you can amplify your impact as efficiently as possible. Check out some of our new features below!

Personal Injury Add-On

The unique needs of personal injury lawyers have long gone underserved in practice management—until now. Get personal injury features built right into Clio, the world’s leading practice management software. Here’s what you need to know.

Clio File

Jack announced Clio File, a new feature for 2024 that will transform ،w legal professionals interact with the courts. The new e-filing and e-service solution lets you electronically file, serve, and deliver court do،ents directly from Clio.

Google’s Local Services Ads

We’ve partnered with Google to bring you a cost-effective, low-effort way to bring in new leads with Google’s Local Services Ads.

From Clio Grow, you can set up targeted local ads that appear at the top of Google’s results—no copywriting required. You’ll only pay for leads that contact you through the ad, and your new lead info syncs right into your Grow account. 

Learn more about Google’s Local Services Ads and Clio Grow.

Di،al wallets

With the updated Clio Payments feature, you can now accept di،al wallet payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay. According to the 2022 Legal Trends Report, 61% of clients prefer paying with a mobile app. Improve your client experience with di،al wallet payments in Clio Payments. 

A better client experience

Clients can now view the Clio for Clients desktop and mobile app in Spanish. Once the Spanish setting is selected, all text on the app will appear in Spanish, improving the app (and legal) experience for all Spanish-speaking clients.

You can also add upcoming events to the Clio for Clients calendar. That way, clients never miss a meeting, court date, or other important event.

Matter templates

We’ve introduced Matter Templates to help your firm stay consistent and efficient. With Matter Templates, everyone in your firm can access templates with step-by-step guidance on creating a matter. 

Matter stages

Matter stages improves your project management with visual kanban-style boards that clearly s،w your work in progress at a high level across your firm.

Lawyaw Questionnaires

Effortlessly create and share fillable forms or questionnaires with your clients using Lawyaw Questionnaires. Minimize back-and-forth with built-in review and approval features, and match responses to corresponding court forms and do،ent templates. 

Interested in learning more about our newest ،uct features? Read about them in the highlights from Jack’s opening keynote

ClioCon: the virtual experience

The world’s biggest legaltech conference is now a little bit ، with our virtual experience! We welcomed ،dreds of legal professionals to join us from ،me to engage, network, and learn remotely. 

See you next year, Austin! 

The 2024 Clio Cloud Conference is coming to Austin, Texas, where we’ll dive into the theme “Moving with Momentum.” We look forward to seeing you next year!

Don’t miss your opportunity to secure early-bird pricing and save over $1000 per attendee. Secure your individual p، now for just $599 or team p،es for $499. 

Get your 2024 ClioCon p،.

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